Monday, January 31, 2011


Alright so I went and saw the house with Lillie today and I am happy to say that we will be moving this weekend! :) I can't wait to get into my home to make it our home! Yay! It turns out that the closet sizes (which looked pretty small on the floor plan and what was the major problem) were bigger than we thought! So that's good news. And I'm super excited to have my own bathroom! yay! Can't wait to move for the last time in Hawaii :)
So the next few days I'll be busy packing up the rest of the things that weren't packed already hehe, which shouldn't take long, we'd be able to move today but Daniel is out of town and can't sign the paper work. So i'm getting everything ready. I think the nesting period of the pregnancy has hit me, this is all I can think about, is getting a house ready for the family. And making it so beautiful!
I just wanted to express my excitement with you all! hehe! Love you lots and thank you melissa and mara and mom for your input! I'll post pics of the new place when we get all settled in. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Slight Dilemma ...

      So as some of you may know, our family is waiting to get into a three bedroom house before this next baby comes. The leasing office called me yesterday saying that they had a house available, but it's not one of the nicer ones. Currently we are number 51 on the waiting list and it keeps jumping up and down according to people's rank and need to be moved. But we're staying in the fifties so far. And I guess my question is, is it worth it to live in a house that's not your favorite, but you have the necessary space for the family...should I go for it or should I wait?....

      The new house would be three bed, two and a half bath. The closets look way smaller than the ones we have now, same amount of storage (we'd probably purchase a shed anyway), the master bedroom is slightly smaller (which is where the new little one will be in a pack and play for the first few months until he sleeps through the night then he'll be placed with Lillie), and the living area is smaller as well, but the perk is that the dining area is by the kitchen and is separate than the living room. The back yard is already fenced so we wouldn't have to pay for a fence for rex. (That saves us quite a bit of moola)

       And right now we are currently in a two bed, one and a half bath. No fence, Lillie is sleeping in the storage room, and shares our closet. No dining room, but a slightly larger kitchen. Anyways you get the idea, basically going for something that's not the best and having it now or waiting (probably until the baby is born to move) for a nicer home?

       Please let me know what you think....Here's the apt we'd be moving to, it wouldn't let me show you the floor plans, but anyways you can tell it's a little older on the outside, the inside looks kept up well.

Here's the current house we are living in....and the nicer one would look similar to this..

Anyways thanks....I'd love the input. :) :) Love you all!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ok let's just face it I'm a horrible blogger....but here's updates :)

Aloha everyone!!

Happy New Year!!! We sure hope you had a great year! We did and are excited for the new year to come. So we had a great Christmas, we had a little Christmas Eve get together with friends and had a great time playing Pictionary Man! Instead of just drawing on a white board, we drew on a little man haha! It was pretty fun. Lillie really was a lot of fun this Christmas, finally realizing that presents were fun, she never touched a present or would let us touch them until Christmas. She loves her new baby doll, and trike.

Lillie's new words: "santa buckle", Nana, papa, ollie (Hollie), Emma. And she'll always be using her little phones asking where they all are. We miss being away from family, but makes it all the more special being together.

The new baby is growing up, and I'm getting bigger. Love it! But can't wait for him to just be here so I can hold him hehe. :) Everything is going great with him. So we're always grateful about that.

Daniel is in school again, very speedy classes, which has its ups and downs. He's currently taking a speech class that is only twelve days!!! It's seems like it's been forever since he's had the holidays off, but I barely see him nights, and can't wait for him to be done. But we are glad he's finishing up. :) Keep it up honey!!

Life has been fantastic and I shouldn't complain, just the other night Daniel and I were coming out of a movie, and just talking about dreams and wants. Then we both look over and saw dozens of people just sleeping on the sidewalk with nothing but a tarp to lay over them to keep them out of the rain. We both just got really quiet after that, realizing that we have so much. It was just a big eye opener, I knew that there were homeless, but I haven't really seen them sleeping out on the sidewalk. And lately I've just been having a hard time, just complaining and things (I blame on the pregnancy hehe) so I just felt horrible about all the things that had been bothering me, and then seeing that these people had nothing. Just brought a new perspective to life and I hope that I can try to be a little more grateful each day. Life is amazing! We love you all, and hope you each have a wonderful year!!

So excited about Christmas! 

Smile Lillie

After a week of rain we needed to get outside! Beach DAY!!