Sunday, August 21, 2011

Both of the babies are sleeping...

Wow I can't believe that both of my babies are sleeping! I just wanted to say hello! Life has been so much fun lately! The past couple of weeks our family has gone to Disneyland, Utah, Georgia, and back to Hawaii. It was crazy and so much fun! I was able to spend tons of time with my family in Disney and utah. I'm so happy it turned out that way. And to make the trip even better we were able to visit some of Daniel's side of the family. And they were all so much fun and hilarious! I could barely tell what they all were saying.
Now we are back in Hawaii at home and I'm working on Potty training with Lillie. It's been grand! ;) I'm so excited for the day she gets it completely! And just a little side note, I'm getting the carpets cleaned when she's done. And it's only been two days! She's been doing pretty good. She hates it when her "big girl panties and a mess" so hey that's a good sign right? She's gone on the toilet three times total. And the last pee she caught herself and went to the toilet. hehe! So I think there's already some improvement. It's fun and so crazy that she's growing up. I need to start writing down all the hilarious stuff she says.

Here's a couple from what I remember:

Right after we got home from our trip she sees her stuffed animal and gives it a big hug and says:
"it's good to see you"

I was getting dressed in front of her one day and she points at my belly and says:
"ewwe mom!" haha!!!! Thanks Lil.

She says this to me all the time when we're playing with Devin:
"Devin's so cute, hey sweetie pie" (and she says it to Devin in a high pitched voice)

Before the potty training and she's pooping in her diaper face all red:
Mom: "Lillie are you pooping?"
Lil: "No almost."

Well gotta keep up with those, there's so many I need to just have a pen and paper laying around. That's one of my goals lately.

Well as of news...dun dun dun....Daniel and I have decided that we're going to extend another four years to the military service. Yay! We're most likely moving to Oklahoma! Either that or Turkey. I'm hoping for the good ol OK. Please just get us on the mainland. We're pretty excited though! So yay!

Here's some fun pics! Love you all! Miss you!

Lillie laughing so loud

Whaz up...its me in my little overalls.

I love both of their faces in this one.

Lillie meets Mickey!

I love my blanket!

The Fox from Pinocchio just took Lillie and walked off with her.

Giving Nana a big fat kiss! So cute!