Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello Blogging world! I'm BACK!

Aloha ya'll! Sorry it's been so long since I've last posted! Ekke! It just gets crazy as a lot of you may know, so blogging goes way down on the priority list, but needless to say I am here now and here's what is going down at the baker home:

We have been is Hawaii for almost 7 years now and as much as we love "paradise" we are excited to get off of this rock and onto the mainland where family and friends are nearer to us. Military life has got to be one of the hardest things and yet so fun at the same time.

Our next station is......drum roll please.......OKLAHOMA!! Yes! We can't wait honestly, wide open spaces, nothing around us (besides walmart) :) should be fun. Not sure if I'll like it or if I'll go crazy. We actually were there for a couple months when we first got married and I was going through morning sickness and living in a hotel room in the middle of summer, bleh, so not very good memories, hopefully I'll like it better now that I have kiddos to keep me busy, probably take up something like knitting on the side, so you might be getting some pretty awesome presents coming your way. Anyways, Luckily we have friends stationed there already so we'll have some familiar faces to see. We leave Hawaii in March and report to Altus, OK in April!

We are looking into buying our very first house and thinking about other additions... ;) can't wait for the next adventure. I'll miss good ol' Hawaii though, this is all we have known as a married couple and all our kiddos have known, we'll be back here to visit for sure. Probably when the kids get older.

The kiddos are growing up so fast it's way fun and way challenging. :) But I'd never have it any other way. Devin is starting to say more words now and is starting to have more signs of the terrible twos are ahead, but I think I'm ready lol. He makes up for all the tantrums by little kisses and hugs randomly throughout the day. Lillie is getting her alphabet down and each day she says the silliest things, I love her spunky attitude and her sweet spirit she brings to our home.

I love it now that the kids can play together, they laugh, scream, push, scratch, cry, talk, hug, get into things together to make mommy a little more crazy, but I'm good with it. They are my life, and I'll tell ya it's never boring. :)

Daniel is almost done with his bachelors and hopefully will be switching from enlisted to officer soon, and he might be trying to get onto the pilot program, but we'll see, still trying to figure out what's best for the family.

He and I are growing each day in every way possible. Marriage is tough, but I wouldn't want to work through things in this life without him. Love you honey.

I'm loving life. Besides from being a mama, I've started working on sharing doTERRA essential oils with whoever is wanting to listen. They have helped my family become healthy and happy and I'm just having so much fun with everything I learn. Wish I could just soak it all in at once. :) It has been rewarding in the fact that I've grown and learned to get out of my comfort zone and actually talk to people I don't really know lol. Super hard for me, but I've gained confidence and had so much joy every time I talk with someone or have a class. Daniel has been really great, Thursday nights are when I host a class and he takes care of the kiddos for me. And that's basically all I do, I love that I can stay at home and be with the kids and also help my family financially. Loving every minute of it, ok anyway! I could go on and on about my love for my new found passion, but I won't, I've already gone long enough.

Here's the fun part, PICTURES!!

Love these kiddos with all my heart! "Smile guys"
Lillie with her Daddy at the Carnival
Daniel and I on the Aircraft Carrier, they stopped in
Pearl Habor for a few days, so awesome a massive!!
Devin making a mess, Love this boy :)

Silly Lillie- you can always make me laugh