Friday, April 2, 2010

Pictures pictures pictures!!!

ALOHA!!! I'm finally posting some pictures! We went to the pool today with some ward member friends! It was a lot of fun!
The Lowe's and Sister Jones by the pool. It's separated with a little wall and the brown side has little pebbles in the bottom, almost like sand but nicer because it doesn't stick all over you. And it's great when you have little ones wanting to swim. :)

Here's Lil in her new swim suit! I love it! Thanks nana! :)

Love this one!

Lillie is up and about walking and everything getting into all sorts of stuff. :) She's pretty good about not eating things though, she'll usually give it to me. But still have to keep a pretty close eye on her. Such a sweetie I can't even handle it! She's got this new thing where she hates anything on her feet or her hands. She loves it when we wash hands hehe. We just had her first year doctors appointment and she's in the top percentile of everything, she's heavy, she's tall, and she's got a big head hehe. I'm just glad she's happy and healthy. I feel like I'm connecting with her more and more as she gets older, she's just starting to react to me more and she talks in her own language. It makes me want to know what she's thinking. Anyday she'll start talking. :) We go to the park now. She is such an explorer and is fearless. (scares me at times how fearless she is.) Not sure if that's a good sign hehe. Ok so that's Lillie's update for you all. We miss you and love you too much! Hope to be with you soon! Come and visit this summer if ya want! We'll take care of ya! Promise! :)