Saturday, April 16, 2011

Devin James Baker!

Welp! We've got some news! hehe! 

Devin James Baker was born April 3rd weighing 8lbs 7oz and 21 inches long! The labor was super fast for me, we got to the hospital at 11pm, I got admitted when I was dilated to a four, which was about an hour later. Then went through almost the entire labor without an epidural, which was incredibly fun! haha! I don't know how women could go for days in labor. But finally the only anesthesiologist got to me about thirty mins before I started to push. Which I was thankful for, I could still feel the contractions, but didn't feel anything down there, it was something so I was just happy to have it. And at 4:37am April 3rd Devin was born! So a total of five and half hours in the hospital. AWESOME! Painful, but awesome! So so sooooo glad I didn't have to have a C-Section. 

        He is doing amazingly well! Sleeping, eating, pooping....all the important stuff hehe. It's funny he'll hardly cry, unless he's hungry. He'll just grunt. All last night he was grunting, it might not be as stressful to hear as crying, but it still keeps you up hehe. Lillie loves her "baby debin" she's a little jealous at times, but for the most part she's sweet and wants to give him kisses and holds him, and loves throwing his diapers away. :) 

Now I'm just hoping and praying to heal quickly so that I can be able to help with the kiddos more. For now the tv is my best friend, now that Daniel has to head back into work. 
Devin at the hospital

Just chillin...

Just love the little rocker thing from target!