Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ohhh the Holidays!!

Hey everyone!! I'm soo sorry it's taken me so long to post something. Just been pretty busy with the holidays and everything. But then I look and see everyone else has posted something hehe. Well Daniel and Lillie and I are in Indiana at the moment. We spent Christmas with his family, I was able to finally get some pictures, but I'll have to wait until I get home to post them. We don't have our computer. So those will be up soon. Lillie is having such a ball with all her cousins and getting used to the screaming hehe, she has one cousin and they are two weeks apart and they are so sweet and funny together and are both learning each others little tricks. :) It's been lots of fun. We are ready to get back to the warm weather though, it's been soooo stinking cold!! I'm not used to it anymore. :) Lillie loves it though, every time we get her out of the car she smiles and laughs at how cold it is. She's got quite a personality. I know I say this on every blog, but I love her sooo much. :) Anyway I just wanted to say hello!! Miss you all!! Wish we could be in Utah too for this Christmas!! Love you!!! And have a happy Holidays!!! :)

Daniel, Katie, and Lillie