Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hey everyone! Well this past week has been crazy! We finally moved! It's such a long process, but we're glad we are done! haha! for now, in a few months we will be moving to a bigger home on base, shouldn't be too hard of a move, but still stressful. We are in a two bedroom right now, and with M-I-L's and baby coming it's going to get crowded,  but they won't let us move to a three bedroom until I'm in my third trimester. So we've got a ways to go. But we are grateful to be back on base, everything is so much closer. No more traffic YAY!! So a little less crazyness on that end. Which gives us more time to be together. :)
Tonight we had a BBQ and invited some friends over, and we all  hung out and played games and things. Totally did the Dance Dance Revolution game! haha! Haven't done that in forever, but it was great fun!
Today was kind of a hard day, I'm starting to feel more and more pregnant as I start to get the sick. Bleh, no fun, but I'm glad it's not too bad. I was reading in some of the pregnancy books today that some women go through morning sickness the entire nine months!!! Bless their hearts! That's rough stuff. So it gave me some perspective. :)
Anyways just thought I'd update, since I promised I would try to be better hehe. Love you all! Miss you tons!! Can't wait to visit soon!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Video :)

Hello everyone! Just decided to post this video of Lillie. If you listen closely she'll say "oh man" haha I was trying to catch it on video. Here you go! Enjoy hehe!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

FINALLY!!! :) I posted.

Hello everyone, I know I know, I've been a bad blogger. But today I made a goal that I would try to update atleast once a week. So you might get some random just thoughts in the future so just bare with me. :)

Well the updates since last blog....hmmm well we are moving once again. So that's been on my mind. We're hoping to get into a three bedroom apt on base again. We aren't saving any money (which we thought we would) they actually bumped up the prices here in Kapolei. :( So we're sad to leave the ward. But we'll probably be in the same ward as before, so atleast we'll know some people hehe. Anyway, so I've just been slowly getting things packed to make it easier, I've done some priming on the walls and am so sad that I have to paint over the lovely green walls. I don't know if I will paint again in our next place, I'll just be decorating the walls. I'll put pics once we get all settled.
Lillie has been growing up so fast, just these past few months she's so different. We're just trying to soak her all up each moment. ;) She's just now getting to saying a few words, like "ball, dog, daddy, mama, Jesus, car...and all her other jibberish hehe. If it's quiet in the house I know she's getting into something. Just the other day I was washing dishes and in the middle (noticing it was oddly quiet) of it I turned around and she was on the table just standing there!!! Gave me a little heart attack. She's just climbing everywhere. Luckily we have some gates up to keep her out of a lot of stuff, but they won't last much longer. But she's been doing so great and she's so stinking funny. I'll have to post some pics of her silly faces. (I know I'm totally bragging by the way..Shhh she's my life so deal. :))
Daniel has been back and forth from travels, so we cherish all the time we have together. I'm sometimes so jealous he gets to go all around the world. Someday we'll get to travel and explore together. It's one of my dreams. Anyway he's been doing very well.
I'm doing pretty good. Just ready to be settled in where ever we're going to be at. :) Hopefully a three bedroom soon. (needing a little space at times) :) But it's good, and I'm so happy with what we have. So if you haven't heard.....we are expecting our second baby hehe!!! Yay!! We're so excited!! Should be due around May. Haven't seen the doc yet. So I'll let you all know on a due date when I can.
Well that's bascially the news up to now. Life's good, we miss you all and wish we could be closer. Someday someday. :)
Lillie comin' with us on our date night. Smiling for the camera.


She finally let me put her hair up and kept it in for me to take pics.

Daniel surprised me for our anniversary, I just got home from Utah and he took me straight to waikiki. It was so nice to act like a tourist and just play. :)

We're bad at taking pics, but every now and again we'll get a couple in. Waikiki

Took Lillie to her first Carnival and there was a bright rainbow! It was gorgeous. The pic doesn't do it justice

Daniel was able to go to Austrailia! Beautiful Sydney Opera House.

And he got to fly home with some Dolphins. So sweet. :) We all went to visit them once they were settled from their travels.

Love you all!!