Friday, February 10, 2012

Ok I'm no Photographer, but I love my new camera!

Just a post with pics! :)
Devin loves his daddy. 

Sweet little Rex, I love you, even though you keep escaping the yard somehow and bark at our neighbors we don't even know. :)

I love this lovely little lady!

He's getting too big!

Down Pour!!

Whenever Devin has a bottle Lillie will now want to get all comfortable too, sometimes they'll hold hands. Makes my day every time. ;)

He loves daddy's water bottle

He kept pushing the mouthpiece down and couldn't get it up and he'd look at me like, "mom help me" It was the same face every time, so hilarious!

"whatchu want"


Me taking pictures of the tree in our backyard, just trying to figure it out, but it's so fun!

The only flowers that survived in my garden, thanks to Daniel. :)

Close up

I love these leaves on the bush out front our apt.

And the palm trees!

The sun on the palm in the morning, I love it! Plumeria trees are next!