Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wow a month, really?!

Well Devin is a month old today! Everything is going well, we all got sick for a little while, but now we are doing great (have oils to thank for that so awesome, can't get over how great they are). Devin's first apt he was over 9lbs! He has gotten a little more chubby since then. :) I love it! He's growing way too fast already though, I just try to soak in all I can. Lillie is super great with him and loves her little brother soo much, and hasn't tried anything yet. ;)
Daniel has already been asked to leave on another trip, so I've been on my own this week, which is super fun, and time goes by way fast when I'm busy...hehe. But I'm really ready to get out of the military, da hubby is not supposed to leave all the time like he does. :) So hopefully we can figure out something, but for now we only have a little less than two years left here in Hawaii, (so all those who want to come visit me you better hurry up) plus if we decided to stay in we'd probably be in OK, who would want to visit there? hehe! JK! It'd be nice to be a lot closer, so who knows what the plan will be, it's a pretty big decision, so it'll take some time.
Okay here's some pics! We miss and love you all! Hope to be in Utah soon!