Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ahhh the family pics....

Ok so I know I'm so bad about taking family photos, so finally here's our first family pics since we've been married...three years haha! These are just what our family is'll see what I mean...enjoy!

It was pretty windy..."Pocahontas" 

Love Devin's Face...hehe

"Lil look at the Camera"

Lillie's always on stage
This one is pretty good...:)

LOVE THIS ONE! :) Going in for the kiss.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All smiles...

Recently I've decided to focus in on running to get back in shape! Oh BOY, its tough especially with the kiddos and when Daniel is out of town. I've seen him all of ten days this month and he leaves again tomorrow, so not too fun.

This morning I was super down about how Daniel has been gone a ton this month and has another trip tomorrow, but I went for a run to release some of the stress. I was running along the little path that goes along the edge of base, when I came across a runner headed towards me, but we didn't make eye contact, I didn't feel like being "a social exerciser." So I just kept running. Later on, on my way back I looked ahead of me and I saw a little boy just playing with a remote control car and I was thinking in my mind about how he was going to react to me as I passed by, was he going to run back to his house or not even make eye contact or anything. And when I was passing by, he looked up from what he was doing, moved a little to the side to let me pass and just beamed a huge smile at me and was waving enthusiastically, he was about eight or so. He didn't have to smile at a lone stranger, but he did and I smiled and wave back (a little shocked), but instantly feeling so much better, knowing that life was so wonderful no matter your circumstances.

I have my family and they love me and I love them, that right there should make me so happy and always happy. I know they are all healthy, safe, and happy. God knew exactly what I needed, it was just a little smile, and it brightened my world. So thank you little boy, who ever you are for giving me a little piece of light.

So I just wanted to say, when come across someone, even a lone stranger, don't forget to smile. You never know what impact it could have on them and how it can make a life a little brighter.

Much Love,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just another day

Why is it as you get older the days go by so much faster? I so wish it would slow down just a is so amazing!
Just the other day Lillie, Dev and I were leaving Target and I was trying to get Lillie to hurry and she kept pulling so hard on me...(they both had just had their shots and were both really irritated, but had to grab the essential wipes and diapers :)) I looked down at her ready to tell her we needed to leave now, and she stopped and said "flowers mom!" pointing to a bush right beside us and there were tiny purple flowers growing inside. At that moment I stopped and realized, why was I in such a hurry? Lillie taught me to see the small beauties in the world that we rarely take the chance to even notice. So we stopped and picked a little flower for her, she smelled it and smiled up at me. And my heart seemed to grow as I realized what Lillie just taught me.
Life goes by so quick, look and listen to all that's around you and not just rush through it trying to get to the next thing so the "to do" list is smaller. That list will always be there, and it will be ok if we don't finish everything on it today. The real important thing is to recognize those moments right in front of us, and put them in our hearts. Love you Lillie girl! 

So now for the update you've been looking forward to mama. :) Well we just recently had Devin and Lillie's Doctor appointments. Everything is looking great. Devin is a little chunk he now weighs 14lbs 4oz and is killing my back hehe. He's growing so quick and learning to "coo" and "gaa" at us. He smiles all the time and just the other day it sounded like he laughed. Too cute! Its hard to get it all on camera, but I do my best. 

Happy Boy 1and a half months
Wouldn't Stop smiling! 
Chubby Boy
Loves sleeping on the soft bed

"I love my hand"

Staring at sis


Love this boy!