Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fun, fun, and more fun!

Aloha everyone! I'm so excited for this new year! Lots to look forward to and lots more to learn. This past year has been wonderful, full of love and joy and hardships and a new little person added to our family! Just to sum up for the year 2011...

Feb: We moved to our final apartment for this station in Hawaii- (We will be leaving next year March 2013) And we love staying put in our three bed, two and a half bath, I'm finally able to decorate more than I've in our three other past apartments! Sheesh, lots of moving.

March: Our Silly Lillie turned two! (soon to be three! Ahhh goes by way too fast)

April: Our sweet Devin boy was born on the 3rd! It's been such a blessing and somewhat of a little challenge raising two little ones, but I have no room to complain, they are both so sweet in their own way. :)

May: Daniel and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary and many more to come. :)

July: Daniel's mama moved out, and we were so sad to see her leave us. And we miss her terribly. We also were able to meet up with my family in DISNEYLAND!! YES!!

August: Daniel started working at the wing, (so meaning lots more responsibilities and tons to learn) :) But it's good for him to extend himself more, I'm proud of all the hard work he does and the stress he goes through (including me) and can come home and be so patient and loving to the kiddos and me. I love you honey. :)

November: My mama, dad, and little sis Emma came to visit for a while and Emma was able to stay for pretty much a month on the island, which was nice to spend lots of time with her, she brought lots of humor to our place. :)

December: And the year ended with a BANG my ENTIRE family came out to see us, and more importantly see the island...tehehe! But Christmas was so great to have everyone together, it's been a while since that has happened. I'm so grateful that I was able to have them here.

Well that sums it up, and I'd say quite nicely! :) Loved last year! Goodbye to you, and WELCOME 2012!! I have so many goals and projects that I want to do this year...

First: Get back into shape (of course), it's been nine months since I've had Devin and I'm back to before I was pregnant with him, but I want to get back to where I was before I got pregnant with Lillie, :) We'll see how it goes, but I have my goals. So by meaning get back in shape is running at least a 1/2 marathon!

Second: Add some more flare to the house!

Third: Learn how to sew

Fourth: Learn more baking skills (this will help me loose weight, just trust me) haha!

Fifth: Be more PATIENT

Sixth: Enjoy the moments God has given me.

Seventh: Take more pictures! (Oh and I got an amazing camera for Christmas!! Now I have no excuse!)

I have many more, but I'll spare you all the long list. :) At this time of year I sure do miss the snow and the cold, but while I miss it, I'll still be on the beach soaking up the sun and the waves for you all! Love you guys!! Hope to see you all soon! Have a Happy New YEAR!! And remember to keep God in with all the goals and resolutions you have, for He surely will help you along the way.

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Koren and Mark Crosby said...

Miss you Katie! love ya lots, it was so fun to be with your little family