Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Air Show!

A couple days ago we went out to the air show, it only happens like every five years or so, so we spent all day hangin out where Daniel works and seeing all the planes and watching the amazing Thunderbirds! They were so exciting! I love this country so much! And I am so grateful that I can be able to live the way I do! Thanks to all the military and especially Daniel for all the hard work you do to protect us! Love you! Here's some pictures and video of the Thunderbirds and the airshow! So awesome!

Lillie and I, Lillie looks mad hehe. 

Lillie just waiting for daddy to be finished showing his plane.

 I love this picture of her
The Thunderbirds!!! All lined up and getting ready to go!

 You can see one flying, they flew so low to the ground!

 Here's one where they crossed each other!

This guy was flyin so low! They played the "low rider" song while he was crossing the runway!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


ALOHA!!! Just wanted to check in and let you all know about some things going on lately! First of all everything is going well. Hawaii is great, family is all great! Daniel just got promoted Staff Sergeant! He will have his ceremony sometime in February hopefully! So we're pretty excited about all that. Lillie is Six MONTHS now!!! Oh how it has gone by so quickly! I try to capture every moment! She's growing and changing so much! She's on the verge of crawling!
It's so exciting, and soon we'll be having to chase her. hehe!
Here's some fun stuff to look at! Love you all!

Lillie just playing in her high chair.

Just really like this picture, you can see her pretty eyes.

Playing with her Daddy