Monday, October 10, 2011


Life comes at you too fast, so I'm trying to make little moments important. And this has what has been happening lately in between all the busyness of life...

Well I had a video of Devin in here but for some reason it didn't upload so I put it on Youtube, go to this link and enjoy. Devin is laughing at my ponytail moving, for some reason it was hilarious. And the other is Lillie making Dev laugh.

"Mom help me I'm stuck" I come around the corner and see this! hehe! 

I asked her to smile

This room was clean five mins ago, went onto the kitchen and came back, this is what I found.

"Look mom, puzzle"

Went to check on Lillie and found her passed out under the table.

Devin Pulling the Sinatra Look.

Oh these sweeties make my life so amazing. Will post pictures of the house once I get it cleaned up hehe (mom). Love you all and miss you all terribly. Wish we were with you.