Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lillie's Two....and more!!

Hello EVERYONE!!! Wow we have had some fun these past few weeks! We were able to experience a tsunami, it was only 6 ft. but we evacuated to a friends house up on the hill. It's nothing compared to Japan, and we pray and hope that things will start looking up and that families can find the relief that they need. On a brighter note we celebrated Lillie's 2ND Birthday!! We had the grill going and I grabbed a piece of wood just laying around and painted it with chalkboard paint (which is so fun!) 
So now she won't just chalk all over the grill, and she loves it! We got her a little pool to play in, she had loads of fun in that as well. And finally had a lovely chocolate cake for her, and this year she dug in! Whoo! 
Chalkboard fun!


(Love our cake decorations!) :)

Life is continuing, and we are soon to be having our next little one. Contractions are getting more and more consistent! So we are just waiting! Now at 37 weeks! Can't wait for him to be here! So maybe next post we'll see. We're praying he doesn't come until mama gets out here, in less than six days! So excited to see family too! Yay! Well that's my update! Miss and love you guys!!! :)

Katie and Family!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Zumba is all I can think about lately! This is seriously the best workout ever! I just love to dance and shake what my mamma gave me (not at the moment, which would be incredibly awkward, but soon). :D Anyways I just wanted to express my love for this fun workout experience and to say to all those to love to dance, the ones that are great and the not so coordinated, its still so much fun! And I encourage you all to try it at least once! Just look at how happy these three dancers are in the pic....haha! No but seriously! TRY IT!! 
Mucho Love!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Update...

ALOHA to all you winter world people!!! Hope the weather is getting better! Come visit ok?! :) We'd love to have you here! I'm serious. :D
Well I was just going to post on my recent doc apt that was yesterday. So I had some concerns about the C-section again, and I hope and pray that I don't have to have another one. But so far everything looks good, he's head down and progressing just as he should. The doctor just said the because I wasn't able to dilate with Lillie then, it might happen again, so just to prepare for that. If it happens then so be it, but I'm going to do all I can to have a normal delivery. So I'm just praying for things to go well, for him and me. At least I know what to expect if things go not how I want, so I guess thats a upside to it. I'm getting huge and my weight is so funny, I never ever thought I'd see that number on the SCALE!! So I'm ready to be done getting any fatter ha ha! I just can't wait to loose it and look good again haha! I'm going to do some beach running and ZUMBA! Girlies Zumba is amazing!! I love love love it!!! Try it out if you haven't. :)

Anyways back to baby boy (still aren't set on a name) I can not wait until I can hold him in my arms and be able to cuddle and play with him. We finally got a little recliner for our bedroom, for the midnight wake ups...hehe. We are a little more prepared this time for the no sleep. I'm just grateful Lillie sleeps well. She's in her crib still, but we took off the front so she can get out whenever she wants, she's been waking up so happy and just playing in her room for at least an hour. Like today she woke up about 730 and then played until 9 just doing whatever, she wasn't loud so I was able to sleep more. We have the monitor in our room for her, just in case. So I just let her play this morning and got a little more much needed sleep, which was amazing! Even then I went in to get her surprised she played until 9! But she was just peaceful in her bed looking at books. :) I love this little girl! I can't believe how sweet she is. And the fact that she's already TWO! Oh my word! We haven't thrown her a birthday party yet, because Daniel is out of town and we've all been pretty sick. So hopefully next weekend when Daniel is home (hopefully he'll be). So I'll post pics then, when I do find my camera and get it charged ha ha.

The house is slowly, very slowly getting set. I wish it would happen faster, we need more storage and things so I'm still trying to figure out where everything needs to go. Today I was able to do my own little area in my bedroom, which I can make somewhat more girly than most of the house. So I love it. I bought a couple of shelves for small books and trinkets. And two wall folder holders and pasted some pretty paper on them, so now they are beautiful! he he. My first Deco Paz project! So I'd say it was pretty good. :) That stuff is fun to play with by the way. You can use in on anything, I did it to my white shelves too. So now there's a lot of fun color in my little corner. :) I think it's very important to make a space just for you. I love to sit and look at it, and think of other things I can do for it. I have a lot of cute ideas for the house (thanks to Better Homes and Gardens) and can't wait to get them finished. It helps knowing that I'll stay in this house for a little longer than a year. So I want to put a little more love into than our last places. So I'll post pics soon when I get camera issues out of the way. Does anyone have any ideas for a pantry, we were given an empty little area with no shelving at all, so I'd love to hear ideas. :)

Well thanks for reading...if you made it through, I know it was long and rambled. I love you all sooo much! And miss you terribly. Update your blogs, I love hearing about all your lives. :)
Until I post again....Love!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am SHOCKED!!! This is so sad!

Check out these lovely "Americans" who are just using their freedom of speech, right outside a soldier's funeral! This is just too extreme! The whole reason why you guys have freedom of speech is because of those dead soldiers! What is this world coming to? Seriously! No respect for anyone. I'm very very shocked and have nothing else to say.... 
Here's the LInk to the article explaining these crazy people...