Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holidays in Hawaii...Hmmm...

having fun on mom and dads bed, before sleepy time.

So tired. :)

Are you guys coming?

Camera! Hello!

I love Hawaii and all, but this time of year makes it a little tough, its beautiful here, but I really really want snow, and to be cold when I walk outside. It's hard to get into the holidays while you're in the heat, he he. I need a little weather change here. :) So we are headed to Utah in a week!!!! So excited to see family and enjoy being together and away from the heat. We are just hoping that it will snow. So right now I'm listening to Christmas music, trying to picture the cold, and thinking of all the fun memories about this time of year. So don't hate the people who love Christmas music before Thanksgiving. :) 

Just a little update though, life has been pretty good. Had a fun Halloween, went to a ward potluck and had a trunk or treat the night before. And again this year no one came to our house so we have a huge stash of candy and it's horrible for me. :) Daniel dressed up like an old man, I was an 80's girl, and Lillie was a lady bug. But of course we forgot to take pictures of us. I'm starting to now feel the baby, which makes me getting fat a whole lot more worth it. I can't wait until Daniel can feel the baby kick, its probably my favorite part of pregnancy.